Charlene + Brad

I did these anniversary pictures for two of my most favorite people!  I think they're gorgeous!! XOXO


Prestann + The Pickle

Prestann might be one of my favorite people in the whole world!  I am always so excited for family get togethers because of her.. no offense to the rest of my family. haha  This was at a family Christmas party, and Prestann got ahold of a pickle and had it in her grasp for like half an hour or more.  I was loving it!  She has lately been smiling with a crinkle nose and it is my favorite.  I know that these pictures aren't technically correct, or artistic but I don't care!  They are how life is and should be, full of imperfections and laughter, and a bit of silly-ness.  Enjoy!!


Serah + Victor: THE WEDDING

Well.. this was our VERY FIRST WEDDING!!  I say our because my sweetheart husband was along with me, taking some rockin photos as well.  This was such an intimate wedding.  I loved the room that the ceremony was in.  Huge fireplace and windows all around, so dreamy!  Serah and Victor have known each other for a long time and it was so great to be a part of their wedding.  Serah's sons were like the backbone of the whole wedding day.  They knew the plan, they knew where they were supposed to be.  They escorted all of the guests to their seats and were just so courteous and sweet.  I was definitely impressed with them throughout the whole event.  Such Gentlemen.  Here are some of mine and Jesse's favorites.  Oh so many adventures are awaiting....  ENJOY!

Serah + Victor {PREVIEW}

Well, here is a preview of my very first wedding!  such a confusion of emotions that day but it turned out to be so fun and intimate. I'll have more soon!  What a good lookin group.  :)