{PENROD FAMILY} 2 little monkeys

Meet my new friends!  This has got to be one of my favorite family sessions 
ever!  These 2 little boys were so friendly, happy, and so photogenic. 
 I had a blast!  Kristen and Michael are such great parents and people.  
Kristen and I had been texting/emailing for a while and I could just tell
 that she's my kind of lady= instant friends!  And such great fashion sense! :) 
 hope ya'll love this session as much as I do.



Oh my heavens, I just realized I never posted my best friends
wedding pictures from back in October.  I am not a good 
blogger at all!  I am so embarassed!  Well here's my darling
friend Jessica and her wonderful husband Jon.  Their
wedding day was a blast!  Thanks guys for letting me be
a part of your day!  XOXO


It has been a while since I've posted and I'm very embarrassed about that.
Well spring/ summer time is photography busy season so I figured I better catch 
up.  I've made alot of new friends in the last few months doing photography
and that's a HUGE reason why I love it so much!  Well to start things off, I got 
to take one year old pictures of my little buddy Colt and his mom Angie.  Colt 
was my first newborn to ever photograph, click here to see how he's grown!
Thanks Angie for letting me play at the park with you and Colt!  And just FYI 
Angie got the returning customer discount of $25 off!!!   SAWEET!

Meet Kim and Chad!  They were married last December, get why my title is called
PROCRASTINATING??  Here's just a couple from their special day= such a cute couple!

Oh good heavens, what to say about this couple?  THEY ARE A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.  
Aubree and Don have been married for 12 years (I believe) and have moved all 
over (including Japan) with the Air Force.  Last year Aubree was diagnosed with 
cancer.  She spent 9 months straight in the hospital.  When she asked me to do 
their photos she said that "she wanted pictures to represent a new future."  
Through treatment she lost weight, her hair is now curly and she looks alot 
different from before.  Through all of these years they of course have grown 
to know and love each other so much!  The thing that I love the most about this 
couple is how Aubree trusts Don and Don is there every step of the way.  
Like her protector, don't know how else to express it but I LOVE IT!  And they 
brought their child, Roxie along with them, best dog ever!  did not bark 
once and was totally working the camera.

What to say about the Graham family?  SO FUN!  I don't know if you can 
tell or not but this family is part giant.  This is probably going to be corny 
but they have giant hearts as well. There I said it and it was corny.  
But really, the mom, Ali has got to be one of my favorite people that I've 
ever worked with.  She was SO easy going and funny and so flippin cute.
The woman gave me a hug afterward, better than any amount of money 
for doing their pictures.  I liked this family because they all seemed super 
friendly and did whatever I wanted to, including possibly tresspassing 
on a farm.. I didn't post all of their single/couple pictures, they were
 all very photogenic I might add, but I didn't think Amber and Preston 
would mind and of course the old farmer and wife with a pitchfork
 pic, classic!  Thanks Graham Fam, sure love ya!