Lucy and Me showing off some {headbands}

Well it was high time that Lucy and I got some pictures together, isn't my husband a good photographer?  Some of us have to work at it, others are naturals... He definitely has a good eye.  Anyways, we went out one morning to one of our favorite places and captured some really great photos of these awesome headbands made by Miss Stevi Marie's Jewelery and Pretties check her out on facebook and etsy.  She's so talented!!!


Cowsert Family {headband models}

I recently teamed up with this amazingly creative and deliciously vintage gal named Stevi.  She makes these fancy headbands, necklaces and much more!  They are very unique and super cozy.  My babe and I love them!  Check her out at "Miss Stevi Marie's Jewelery and Pretties" on facebook and etsy.  My good friends consented to be my models for this shoot and do they not have THE cutest 2 year old?  I die.

Meet baby Bell

I've been waiting to meet this sweet angel from the moment her parents told us their christmas surprise.  Bell is such a sweet baby and was wide awake for her shoot.  Thanks Paige and Wally for letting me share such a special time with your little family!

Soon to be mom {Paige}

Meet one of my bff's Paige.  She was my first ever maternity photo shoot.  If you ask me, I think they turned out great!  She is always talking about how she's so awkward in pictures, I may have proven her wrong!  Sorry Paigey!!!  Well she has actually had her baby, Bell.. like a month and a half ago, wow I am awesome....  But we'll get to those photos later.  Thanks for taking a peek!  Remember Fall photo sessions are going on right now, I am available Monday- Saturday, anytime you want!  Being a stay at home mom ROCKS!!  Call me to book your consultation, days are going fast!  801-540-1491


The fabulous {F fam}

I had so much fun with this family.  Aren't they adorable???  We jumped around and played dinosaurs..
Love these kids!  Don't miss out on the fun!  Call me and schedule your fall shoot, it's getting cold quick!
Mini shoots are also an option, call me for details, Love Kayla