Sister Hirano {Seattle, Washington Mission}

Meet my GORGEOUS friend!  She has been such a huge part in me loving photography and we're just almost the same person in some ways.  We love everything crafty, and weddings, and vintage, whimsical things, and well.. love in general.  She has been called by God to serve 18 months spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ in the Seattle, Washington Mission.  She leaves in September and I will miss her alot!  But I'm excited to have a pen pal!  Normally missionary pictures are pretty..boring.  So carianne and I decided to go out and have an adventure.  It seems whenever we do this, there are big scary dogs just waiting to pounce on us.  :)  Anyways, I LOVED taking pictures of this free spirited woman!  P.S.  the picture below is the HAPPIEST PICTURE I'VE EVER SEEN!!!  XOXO


Joey + Bri {WEDDING}

I share with you a beautiful family!!  Joey and Brianne have been together for over 4 years and decided it was perfect timing to tie the knot!  You might notice quite a few pictures of a certain little emotional boy.  Meet Ollie (Oliver).  Joey and Bri have been blessed with this charming little guy and he was one of my favorite parts of the whole wedding!  When I was asked to do this wedding, I had never met Bri nor Joey.  I wish I would have because they are SUCH GREAT PEOPLE!  They held their gorgeous wedding at Stonebridge Golf Club.  It was nice and warm outside and just an all around beautiful day!  I am crossing my fingers that I'll be able to do future family pictures for this easy going and loving family!  ENJOY!  XOXO



Cailie + Jordon { ENGAGEMENTS}

oh, i have just been having so much fun with these two love birds!  Jordon has been our friend for like 5 years and is one of Jesse's best friends.  Well, he met a gorgeous and incredible lady named Cailie.  And I have been SO HONORED to take their entire wedding shoot!  So as you will be able to see, Jordon LOVES baseball. quote from us on the field yesterday "this is my heaven on earth..(looks at Cailie) besides you.."  And there you have it, we HAD to take pics on a baseball field, so fun!!  These are like 5 % of my favorites.  ENJOY!