Wildlife Adventures

ok... so maybe animals trapped on an island, or that live at a public pond aren't so wild, but I got as up close and personal with these beasts as I would like to.  Jesse and I decided one morning to take a trip out to Antelope Island.  THE. MOST. LAME. ATTRACTION. IN. LAYTON.  so random!  Therefore we had a blast. :)  So we just drove around this island and took pictures and hiked a bit, and drove home.  My husband is pretty adventurous, even if it, sadly, does not turn out to be jurassic park. :)  A few days later, we went on another outting to visit some of our favorite winged friends.  We fed them REALLY OLD BREAD, they might die from it.  My question, who even came up with feeding old bread to birds?  I may never know, but it might be one of our favorite dates so my apologies to the birds...  So here are some of the faves of those days!  I really love photographing nature, it's candid and beautiful without trying. love. it.


Out of the Blue Entertainment

Presenting, my first few shots of some awesomely talented guys.  Out of the Blue Entertainment has officially declared me, kaylabug photography, as their OFFICIAL photographer.  I must admit that shooting a show, inside with terrible lighting, posed a few problems.  I'm not the type to love the outcome of pictures with a flash, but these turned out pretty good in the end.  I need to learn a few more tricks and not be so nervous and then it'll be alright!  So the guys names are Ammon Stevenson, Derek Myler, Jordan.. not sure.., and Cam.. again no clue of the last name.   But they're all awesome!  They have a guest comedian almost every time so the police officer photographed is an unknown name to me also (sorry).  They play every friday at Firehouse Pizza in Logan.  You get a buffet and a show.  SO.GREAT.  They do improv games but also stand-up, movies and eventually they will show off their musical abilities to us.  Also you will notice a picture with mouse traps... yes it IS what you're thinking.  Pretty much they get blind folded and try to avoid the traps... humans are sick but it really is highly entertaining.  But here is their Halloween show!  Enjoy!




Wilson Family

Welcome to my blog first of all!  I do have a website but figured that a blog will be a little more user friendly for me and for you!  Please feel free to check out my website at: 


This was my first family shoot and I was admittedly a tad bit nervous.  The day was a stormy one, my favorite, with a beautiful gray sky above.  Jen, the mom, had dressed the family with matching outfits and combed their little heads perfectly.  I love when mothers get so into matchy matchy and perfect hair, our moms want the best for us right?  Anyways, we'd been praying for a break in the rain and now WE HAD IT!  God is so thoughtful.  So we head out to the back yard where there is this beautiful vine, of sorts, on their back fence with outrageous fall colors.  I will never get over how beautiful autumn is, nobody notices leaves until they're fire colored and crunching under our feet.  DETAILS=LOVE.  And so the shoot began.  I am very much into candid shots and getting those little moments when people don't think I'm watching, and something very sweet happens.  My favorite of the shoot by far is when baby Emma spit up while Miranda was holding her and Miranda thought it was sooo weird that I was taking pictures of it.  I got the best crinkle nosed photo of my life.  I'm obsessed with crinkle nosed smiles, laughs, etc. 

So family shoots.... I LOVE THEM!  Thus far I've just done individual shoots and they've been great but having beautiful, silly kids and adoring parents is a blast!  Hope that some more come my way! :)