Wildlife Adventures

ok... so maybe animals trapped on an island, or that live at a public pond aren't so wild, but I got as up close and personal with these beasts as I would like to.  Jesse and I decided one morning to take a trip out to Antelope Island.  THE. MOST. LAME. ATTRACTION. IN. LAYTON.  so random!  Therefore we had a blast. :)  So we just drove around this island and took pictures and hiked a bit, and drove home.  My husband is pretty adventurous, even if it, sadly, does not turn out to be jurassic park. :)  A few days later, we went on another outting to visit some of our favorite winged friends.  We fed them REALLY OLD BREAD, they might die from it.  My question, who even came up with feeding old bread to birds?  I may never know, but it might be one of our favorite dates so my apologies to the birds...  So here are some of the faves of those days!  I really love photographing nature, it's candid and beautiful without trying. love. it.

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