Our brick home!!

well, I want to welcome you to our new home!  I FINALLY took some pictures of our new abode.  We are so in love with it.  :)

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So, I have been thinking about this for a while and since I'm starting to get big and pregnant, I decided now is a better time than any to announce that I will no longer be shooting weddings... for a while.  I am OBSESSED with weddings but I think it's time for a break at least.

BUT, I would LOVE to still capture any baby, family, graduation, bridals, engagements, or any other portraits you would like!  I am just getting to the point where an all day event is too much. 

I have also decided to lower my portrait session price.  Lately, photography has been too much of a business for me and not so much... ART and that is what I am craving.  So starting Jan. 1, 2012 a 1 hr. portrait session is $50.  That gives you a disc of all images!!  And I edit our very favorites (black and white, sepia, cross process, etc.)  If you want more specifics on locations, clothing changes, etc. email me at kaylabugphotography@gmail.com

I long to do stylized portrait sessions where we tell a story about YOU!  And where I really get the chance to be creative and wild.  For example, one of my very good friends is having a home birth in March and has asked me to do a birth story, (so freaking excited, I can't stand it!)  I want to be creatively challenged and this is one opportunity I could not pass up!  Thanks Cassey!

I still have 2 weddings I need to post and some more beautiful bridal portraits, but I needed to announce this asap!  :)

Thanks for all of your support!  Love ya!  Kayla bug


JESSICA {Bridals}

YAY!!!  I have internet again!  We have been moving into our new home!  And I am pregnant as well!  Yay!!  We are expecting our first baby in April!  And it's a... GIRL!!!  Needless to say it's been a bit hectic in the Postak home.  But enough excuses....
 I introduced you to this lovely lady back in August with her fiance (at the time) and their awesome engagements!  Well, here she is dressed in her gorgeous wedding gown and looking more beautiful than I think anyone should be allowed to look.  :)  I hope you love these images as much as I do.  If they look like she was completely relaxed and wasn't camera shy at all, YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!  Jess has been one of my very favorite people to photograph, she's the type of person who just walks around in her own little world loving everything she sees, smells, hears, touches, etc. and I just follow her around capturing it.  :)  It helps that she's my best friend, I guess.  :)  here are just a few of my favorites!  Wedding pictures soon to come!



Meet my best friend Jessica, and the love of her life, Jon.  I have known Jessica my entire life, seriously picture of us in diapers... :)  She is one of the absolute BEST people I know, and I am such a better person because of her wonderful example.  Well, she has found her prince charming, and although I don't know Jon as well as I am going to, I know that they are perfect for one another.  When we talked about what they wanted for their engagement pictures, Jessica and I knew what would be perfect.  There's this movie called "Charly" based on the novel by Jack Weyland.  If you haven't seen it, WATCH IT!  It has the perfect mixture of humor, romance and sadness... aka: CHICK FLICK!  It's our favorite!!!  But a huge part of that movie is a ferris wheel.  Well, we happen to know where that ferris wheel is and so we went from there!  Also, if you know Jessica, she can NEVER pass up the opportunity to splash in puddles or run through sprinklers so of course we had to take some pictures of them playing in fountains.  Jesse and I had soo much fun taking their pictures!!  Enjoy this darling couple!



Meet one of my new favorite couples!  Zane and Brooke met at BYUI and when I asked them what style they'd like or a theme.  They just kept coming back to "we really love the outdoors."  So I thought, hmm... well LET'S GO CAMPING!  (sort of)  I had an idea to set up a sort of lean-to tent and have a mini picnic.  Well they were only down for the weekend and it was supposed to rain both days they were here.  And i was up for some rainy wet pictures, but they.. weren't as much.  It's like they wanted to look all good for their engagement pictures or something. :)  so the first set of pictures you'll see are us trying to stay out of the rain and get lots of pictures!  I have to say though, they were troopers when I asked them to get in the freezing cold river.  Thanks guys!  but we weren't able to set up the tent..  so we came back the next morning and my cute hubby helped me set it all up and the weather was GORGEOUS for a picnic!  I really LOVE styling shoots, it makes it much more personable, especially if it's something that you love!  and unique adventures are even better!  like, my friend and her fiance have some awesome ideas coming very very soon!! woohoo!  ANYWAYS, I hope you love zane and brookes pics as much as my hubby and I! xoxo


Alright, the moment we've all been waiting for, the Cissna wedding!  it was hard to choose which pictures to post but I think these pretty much sum up what an incredible day it was.  AND my husband was with me taking shots the whole day as well!  BEST.THING.EVER.  Hope you like these!  I sure do! xoxo