If you are looking for a fun and different photographer, than I might be the one for you...  I love photo shoots that are stylized to fit the individual, couple, or family.  Mostly, I just want to see you in your happy place.  Whether that's fishing, watching movies, eating breakfast in bed, or playing a sport, let's make it look fantastic!  A picture has to tell a story and what better way to tell YOUR story than to have photos with your own personality in them.  I tend to lean toward a more whimsical, quirky, vintage look.  If you're looking more for a traditional, matching sweater look, than I am probably not the photograher for you.  I'm always improving and learning new skills.  Everyone has to start somewhere.  I do make mistakes and sometimes I have photographer block, but as long as we get to play at the shoot, get photos of you in your happy place and have fun, then who cares? If this sounds like what you want in your pictures and memories then send me an email.  It's such a huge compliment that you're even looking at my blog, so thanks very very much!