How it works

First, let’s meet!  This applies to all portrait sessions.  I am a people person and love making new friends!  I’d love to meet you before the big day to get a feel for your style, and also so we can be comfortable around each other (extremely important for the kiddos!)  We can talk about wardrobe, location, where your happy place is, etc.  I’d love to come to your home, NO IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE CLEAN, and just see what style will look good with your décor, and also see what size of prints will be best in your living room.  If you’d rather not, I LOVE PICNICS!!!  You are also welcome to come to my home instead.  And if you are a crazy busy person like everyone is nowadays, a phone call will work!

Secondly, we go shoot!  Not with guns, silly, we take your amazing pictures!  We can be out and about anywhere from 1-2 hours.  I recommend for babies, kids, and yes even adults to be FED, BATHED, RESTED AND CHANGED before coming to the shoot.  We want happy smiling faces!  And my biggest rule is: KIDS WILL BE KIDS!  Let’s let them be.  I love taking candid pictures of the kids playing and if they get grass stains on their clothes, breathe.. it’s going to be okay!  

Next, I’ll work my magic on some of my favorite pictures from the day and have you over to look at them and eat freshly made cookies or chips and salsa, up to you!  We’ll decide which ones are your favorites and what sizes you’d like them printed. 

Last, I’ll put the final touches on the prints, get them ordered from a high quality lab that inspects every detail to make sure that they are perfect and I’ll bring them over when they’re done!  Deal?
So so excited to meet you and appreciate your interest!  I have been portfolio building for over two years now and learning so much.  Photography is constantly changing with new technology and style so I’m learning every day, but I promise I will give our time together 100%

Thank you!  Kayla Postak with Kaylabug Photography

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