SISTER ALI RUSSELL! {my gorgeous bff}

Well one of my bff's Ali has chosen to serve a mission... AMAZING!  Anyone that knows this lady knows how incredible she'll be!!  Her companions will be blessed so much by her company.  Some of the funniest moments I have were with this girl.. most of them having to do with her strange phobia of feet.. and I'm always barefoot... :)  I am so happy with how beautiful these turned out and glad that I can capture the REAL ALI MICKELL RUSSELL!


Colt Calvin Lott {BRAND NEW BABY!}

This little guy is my friend Angie Lott's and her hubby Calvin's first baby!!  He is darling!!  He was just so good and opened his eyes for us and just went along with us stuffing him in a bucket.  I am soo happy that Angie and Calvin are blessed with this handsome little guy!  XOXO

new BABY!! Keltyn Taurie Orton

This is my gorgeous new niece!!  And her big sissy Prestann is SOO proud of her little baby. :)  Prestann is only 16 months old.  It's crazy how big she is compared to Keltyn, because she has just been the baby of our family but now we see how big she has grown.  So fun!!  It is nice to be so baby hungry but then to be surrounded but such cute nieces and nephews.  LOVE THEM!  so enjoy this little treasure that I share with you! :)