SISTER ALI RUSSELL! {my gorgeous bff}

Well one of my bff's Ali has chosen to serve a mission... AMAZING!  Anyone that knows this lady knows how incredible she'll be!!  Her companions will be blessed so much by her company.  Some of the funniest moments I have were with this girl.. most of them having to do with her strange phobia of feet.. and I'm always barefoot... :)  I am so happy with how beautiful these turned out and glad that I can capture the REAL ALI MICKELL RUSSELL!

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  1. I am so glad that I was informed that she is serving a mission. Some of my most fondest memories and greatest times I've had have been with this girl. Her golden personality and strong testimony will litterally bless the lives of thousands of people. Even though I've lost contact with her the past year, I know she hasn't changed one bit which means she is still the same amazing girl I once knew. She is EXACTLY what every companion and mission needs. May God bless her as she blesses the lives of others. Amazing pics by the way.