Meet one of my new favorite couples!  Zane and Brooke met at BYUI and when I asked them what style they'd like or a theme.  They just kept coming back to "we really love the outdoors."  So I thought, hmm... well LET'S GO CAMPING!  (sort of)  I had an idea to set up a sort of lean-to tent and have a mini picnic.  Well they were only down for the weekend and it was supposed to rain both days they were here.  And i was up for some rainy wet pictures, but they.. weren't as much.  It's like they wanted to look all good for their engagement pictures or something. :)  so the first set of pictures you'll see are us trying to stay out of the rain and get lots of pictures!  I have to say though, they were troopers when I asked them to get in the freezing cold river.  Thanks guys!  but we weren't able to set up the tent..  so we came back the next morning and my cute hubby helped me set it all up and the weather was GORGEOUS for a picnic!  I really LOVE styling shoots, it makes it much more personable, especially if it's something that you love!  and unique adventures are even better!  like, my friend and her fiance have some awesome ideas coming very very soon!! woohoo!  ANYWAYS, I hope you love zane and brookes pics as much as my hubby and I! xoxo

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE these!!!! You are so talented! I love how you set up the picnic with the hanging backdrop.. adorable. I am so excited for you to do mine!!!! yay!