Michelle + Russ {BRIDALS}

Hey!! long time no post! :) It's been very busy the last few weeks.  But I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I do.  Michelle was gracious enough to ask me to do her bridals, in which I encouraged her to bring along her groom.  I had Jesse in mine, and they're our favorites of the whole wedding experience.  I hoped to accomplish this for Michelle and Russ as well.  It was soo much fun!  A little cold, but Michelle was a trooper. :)  (especially with me asking her to trudge into a muddy/ weedy jungle.)  And many many thanks to my dear friend Carianne for carrying the dress, props, flowers, etc.  and for staying by my side even when a growling dog came running up to us.. photography has soo many risks!  haha ENJOY! xoxo

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